Fabric-covered Headband Holder

Headbands. Everywhere. Annabel's hair accessories multiply at rapid speed. To help tame the mess on her dresser, I dove into the recycling bin and made this simple headband holder.

You will need:

-One empty container of oats. Headbands fit on it perfectly.
-12 x 18" rectangle of fabric - make sure the image on the box doesn't show through
-Two circles of fabric, 6" each in diameter
-One circle of thin cardboard, cereal box thickness, cut to 4 2/3" diameter
-Fabric or craft glue - I use Sobo
-Popsicle stick or disposable plastic knife for spreading glue

Step 1: Wrong side up, fold one of the 12" sides over 1/2". Press.

Step 2: Place the fabric rectangle wrong side up on a plastic bag or other work surface. Using the popsicle stick, spread a thin layer of glue over the outside of the oatmeal container, making sure to get the top and bottom edges covered thoroughly. Starting near the unfolded edge of the fabric, place the sticky container onto the fabric. Roll it until the box is covered. Apply more glue to the folded over edge so it stays put. You can smooth any wrinkles with your hand.

Step 3: Apply glue around the inside bottom edge of the box and fold the fabric over. Please ignore the fact that my oats expired three years ago, which means we moved from Massachusetts to New Hampshire last summer with old oats.

Step 4: Glue the box top and the cardboard onto the fabric circles.

Step 5: Apply additional glue and fold fabric up over the edges.

It doesn't have to be pretty!

Step 6: Glue the fabric-covered cardboard circle into the bottom of the container.

Step 7: Glue the lid onto the top of the box. Note: If you'd like to be more enterprising than I am, you could attempt to get the oat smell out of the box and use it to store scrunchies and hair elastics!